Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog XIV

Well I have been feeling tired lately and have not been getting up until 7:45, sometimes later. Tonight I had rice. It didn't look that great but you know rice doesen't look that great. Tonight we will go to get ice cream at Sweet Retreats. They have very good ice cream. Tonight I will also spending the night at my grandmothers because my dad has to go to a meeting at 6 am and my mom has to go to Noblesville early in the morning at 7 so my grandmother will also have to take my sister to school because my parents will not be here. They will be back later in the day tomorrow. I bet I will have a lot of fun because my grandmother's house is so clean that I can play hotel with my sister. Hotel is my favorite game in the world. How you play is that I pretend that I own a hotel and my sister comes to stay at my hotel. Like here is how my room looks now (I got a new comforter since you saw it the last time). I like my room this way it looks a little more boyish and that is what I want.

My sisters room is pretty clean to (I cleaned it). I like cleaning rooms especially if it's my room because after you are done you have a clean room. I vaccum my my bed and room every day I also straighton up my desk and room every day. I have a cat so my bed needs to be vaccumed every day or else it will have lots of hair on it. I will post again soon.

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