Monday, August 10, 2009

Blog II

I woke up at 7:08. I felt tired until around 8:00. We watched the movie "RV" last night and stayed up until around 10:00. Every weekend my sister sleeps in my trundle bed in my room and watch a movie. Since this week is the last week of no school, we get to sleep in the same room all this week. We were excited (especially my sister). This afternoon we built tents in our family room. They look pretty neat and they are cool to play in. Tonight we went to the KASH kick off. It is 3 hours long. My mom wanted me to go but I didn't want to. I didn't have a choice (that was the problem) allthough its sounds pretty fun. September 7 I will be going to Decatur, IL and going to a concert. It's a band I really like and they're called Stellar Kart. They're punk-rock. They are very catchy. They make you want to sing along with them. I have actully never been to a concert. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

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