Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well I woke up around 6:37. I was trying to get all my chores and school done before 11 am because I was going to meet my grandmother at Taco Bell because I was trying to convince her to join my business and she did. We will be selling cookies for $0.53 a peice and $5.35 a dozen. I will be trying to earn as much money as possible because I need to have $110.00 by October 16th because I will taking my mom out to a hotel. I would like to have a day alone with her. I am looking for a hotel that has an indoor pool. Online I have found a Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, and a La Quinta Inn. The Comfort and La Quinta are less then $50.00. Hot price! I am so excited to take her there that I talk about it constantly that I annoy my parents so much.
That is true I annoy my parents that they would like to just leave the room. Tommorrow I will be going to the Children's Museum with my friend Jonathan. Earlier today I had guitar lessons and my teacher and he asked me if I would like to be in the Saturday night show. I said, "Yes, all the way!" I will be going to see Stellar Kart in 11 days (woo hoo). The hotel my Dad and I will be staying at is very nice and it comes with a sofa bed and an extra room. It's a Comfort Inn & Suites. It was not that expensive for what we are getting. Yesterday I took pictures of my room and forgot to tell my Dad to put them on there so look below and you will see a few pictures of my room. Well my sister got back from school at 3:00 and she had a very good day. She did very well narration she said and what she told me what she learned she did a pretty good job narrating. I was done at 8 am this morning with my school and chores. My sister has been singing this song over and over and over and OVER it is getting annoying but she finally stopped. HALLELUJAH!!! Well that is all I have to say for today. I will post soon. :)

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  1. Put me down for a dozen cookies please. I can't wait to try them. I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. I've always wanted to start a business.