Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blog I

Well I woke up around 7:13. I felt awake the minute I woke up. Last night my sister and I were playing walkie talkies and my mom came out. So one of her neighbors tells her to come here and he gave over a dozen different kind of peppers. If you know me I only really like the green peppers. But most of them were red peppers. Well so what I won't probaly have to eat them anyway. Yesterday morning we had gluten free pancakes. Well me tell you why. On July 20th I started a gluten free diet. My mom made gluten free pancakes, brownies, souffles and cereal they all turned out not be that great. The pancakes I would rate a ** the cereal I would rate a ** but I got a different kind of gluten free cereal now and I would rate that one a ***. The souffles I would rate a **. Over all the food has been ok-good. Things that I have had on the good side are the Taco Bell, ice cream, and corn. Things that are on the ok side would be cereal, banana, and salad. My dad just got back from walking on the treadmill. The last time my dad came in it looked like my dad just went out in a thunderstorm. Now he looks like he went out he went out in light rain to moderate rain. I used to be on xanga but now I moved to blogger. :):):):):):):)

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