Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog XV

This morning I woke up a little after 7 am. I had to spend the night at my grandmothers because my dad had a meeting at 6 am and my mom had to go to get our dog neutered before 7:30. My grandmother took my sister to school and I went with her to drop my sister off and on the way home we got a hot chocalate. At 8:30 my mom came to pick me up and took me home so I would have to do school (at home). Ugh! Tomorrow I will also have to do school. UGH!! And Thursday and Friday I will have to school. UGH!!!!!!! But Saturday through Tuesday I will get off. HALLELUJAH!! Next Wednesday I will have to do school. UGH!!!!! This Friday we will be going to Michigan and stay at a cottage. The pictures look very nice. I just got a call from my grandmother and she said that the flu is getting very bad over in her area. Of course it is getting bad over my area too. As soon as I heard that, I was like, "Mom, give another vitamin C please." And I will not complain ever again of what my mother gives me in the morning. Supplements I like to call them. Things like vitamin C, cod liver oil, and acidopholus and all that stuff. If you suffer like me, bless you. My supplements are not that great of flavor. Here is a picture of all the suplements I have to take.

Tonight my mom will go to get our dog. I don't want to go so My dad and I can mow. After I do it I feel tired but when it's a hot day I feel like I could drink a gallon of water. Speaking of drinking a lot of water this afternoon my mom and I went to Target and got beef chicken nuggets. My mom and I accidently got flaming buffallo so it was very good but very hot. Advice if you like hot stuff get Jack Lings flaming buffallo beef chicken nuggets. I am so looking forward to September 7th because my dad and I will be going to see my favorite band. They're called Steller Kart. I know I have talked about that in a lot of my blogs but I am just so excited. I also can't wait for October 16th because I will be taking my mom out to a hotel. If I use my grandmothers Choice Hotels card I might get a free upgrade. I thought that was very nice. One of the rooms I might get is a bedroom suite and a sitting area. Tomorrow I will have to also go get my moms sun roof fixed at 9 am. UGH!!!! UGH!!!! UGH!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!! Not that happy to look forward to that tomorrow. Well that is all I have to say for today folks. I will post soon.


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