Thursday, September 3, 2009


Well I have an unusual blog today. It's about my bathroom. Well a few days ago I put a piece of paper on the bathroom so my parents and family would give me ratings like 4 star 2 star or 5 star. Here are the ratings I have right now on my bathroom door. Well here are the ratings.

4.0CleanTrash not emptied
4.8Very Clean-
4.5Good Job-
3.9CleanHair and dust on sink

I thought those were pretty good ratings. I am trying to stay above 4.0 star but my plan has failed because of that 3.9. Tomorrow I will be going to Michigan and Monday I will be going to see S T E L L A R K A R T YEAH BABY!! I just can't wait! I can't think that I am going have to wait 4 more days! Well I guess I will just have to wait. Earlier today I had to go walking with my mom's friends and their children. My dog has finally got his cone off as you can see below how he looked when he came home. Poor little guy. He was nuetered! Poor little guy. Well today has been kinda a boring day so I have nothing else to blog about. I will post again soon. :)

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