Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog XVI

Well this morning I had to go to Lafayette to go get my mom's van fixed because my dad was playing with the sunroof about a wek ago and broke it. He was just trying to entertain my sister and I and he just broke the sunroof. Poor guy. 2 more days until me and my family go to Michigan and stay at condos and hang out with our family and friends. I believe it will be a lot of fun. It will probaly be double the fun because right after we leave my dad and I will be going to Illinois to go see Stellar Kart. Tomorrow I will be going with my mom to go walk with her friends. I think it sounds like fun because my mom's friend's kids will also be coming. So far my dad is planning to leave Michigan at 9 am so we can arrive at the hotel around 2 or 3 so my dad and I will have time to swim because it has an indoor pool. As soon as I found out I was excited to swim because we do not have a place to swim where we live. That is a bummer that I can't swim here. Well today has been a boring day so I have nothing else to blog about. I will post again soon.


  1. What an exciting weekend you guys have planned! I've always LOVED swimming in indoor hotel pools. I haven't been to a hotel for a looooong time. Maybe I should ask Matt to take me, huh?

    Have a great time!

  2. Yeah we will be having a great time there. I can't wait.