Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Welcome to my blog. I kinda like being bald now because it is easier to clean my bald head. You will see a mole on my head if you look very closely at my picture of my bald head. I have grown a little bit of hair since I have blogged. Today I will be going walking with my friends and my mothers friends. My mom and her friends will have their fun walking and after they are done they might let us play at the park for a little bit. That will be fun. My play date has now been moved to Friday because my friend was going to be availible but their van had something wrong with it so they wouldn't be able to come. 31 more days until I will be taking my aunt and nanna to a hotel in central Indiana. We will be going to a hotel owned by Best Western. I like Comfort Inn better but this hotel I get 20% off if I book early. The Comfort Inn has a little better rating as it is a 4.3 and the Best Western is 4.1. The Comfort Inn has an indoor pool and a hot tub but so does the Best Western. 89% of the people said I would go to that Comfort Inn again and 81% of the people said I would go to that Best Western again. I will be getting a room that has 1 king bed microwave and refridgerator so that will be a bonus. I was going to stay at a Econolodge but it did not have an indoor pool so that hotel was off my list. Also while I am on my vacation with my aunt I will take them to the movies and to nice restaurants. Well, what I mean is like Subway, Burger King and all that stuff. If I have enough money we might go to the Walmart, Target, mall, and the candy store. I hope my aunt will be able to make it she will be able to find out in 6 days. News! I just heard a rumor that Walmart might have bought out Target and several other stores. It was just a rumor though my aunt went in there and saw that Walmart's prices has raised. Look for yourself. I am not happy at all because Target used to have the best deal on flour and sugar. If you would like to order some cookies you can place a comment on my blog. Order them by the bag or piece. A small bag has 8 cookies, medium has 14 cookies, and large has 22 cookies. My dad said they're good just good. Mrs. Edie called me and said they were good. Yesterday my mom got a shock color for my dog Nina. We have shocked only twice. She has been calm the whole day. Although she jumped on the couch when my grandmother came to pump my bike tire. Back to the hotel talk. I just found a Comfort Inn 59 miles from my house and I can get a 1 room suite, hot tub - 2 Persons free high-speed wireless, sofabed, 2 person, coffee maker in room for only $70.00. Wow! That is a very good deal. I think I will be going there. Well that is all I have to say for today. I will post again soon. :)

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