Thursday, December 6, 2012

well it has been a while

Well had an earky start to my day waking up at 6 am.  I had to get up go to my school then go pick up my father who has been in Indiana for the last few days.  While he was gone we had some fun with my mom.  We went iceskating. steak and shake for a milkshake.  I got the m&m milkshake.  It was pretty good.  Then the next day we went ice skating.  I have found out that iceskating is not my thing.  It is not that I don't enjoy it it is just that I am not very good at it.  I hang around the edge a lot.  After about an hour or so I could get off the edge and into the middle of the court.  My mom is pretty good at ice skating, but my sister likes to hang around the edge.   So I did have a good time while my father was gone, but to be honest I am glad that he is back.  At Christmas we are going to travel to Indiana.  We are ging to go on an airplane.  Hopefully we have a good flight, because this is my sisters firt time flying, my mom is scared of flying, and I am afraid the plane will get highjacked and we will crash and die.  I know that is a little weird thing to be afraid of, but we all do have our fears.  Atleast I am not a hypochondriact.   I had to do an oral report for science class about hypochondriact.   I got a 100% so that raised my average grade a little bit.  I have a lot of homework to do for my science.  I got to study for the biggest test of the semester.  Hopefully I can get a good grade on it so I have a good final grade for the second quarter.  I am glad that I got $20 so I can have more money for Christmas.  I got it from my great grandma.  sed on my calculation I will have $50 to spend for Christmas presents. Last Sunday night I got to see the Dallas cowboys beat the eagles on tv.  That was the best night I had while my dad was away.  Well, that is about all I have to say for today.  I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog.

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