Sunday, September 13, 2009


News! My dad finally shaved my head where I have no hair. As you can see my new picture of how my hair looks now. My mom has not seen it yet but I believe she will be shocked because she didn't evan know my dad was going to do it yet. I have set the timer so when it goes off I will hide and when my mom walks in the door I will jump out. I bet you she will jump (at least). Earlier today we went to Goodwill in Frankfort, IN and my dad bought 74 cds WOW! Isn't that a lot of cds? If you look below you will see almost all my dad cds bought at goodwill today. Every cd was only $1. That is a pretty good deal.

In 33 days I will be taking my aunt and nanna to Indianapolis and spend the night at a hotel and go to the craft fair and possibly the movies. By October I will have over one hundred dollars saved up. Around one hundred and twenty I should say. The blog has been suspended because more hair alerts are being issued. Stay tuned!

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